Review: Great Jubilee, Wayanad

The Great Jubilee is a top rated hotel strategically located in Sultan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala with good amenities and hospitable staffs. It hosts 36 well-appointed rooms with premium bed linen and well-maintained amenities.
Hotel Great Jubilee, Wayanad
Hotel Great Jubilee, Wayanad
Hospitality: Am mentioning hospitality at the top of the list is because this ranks above everything in the hotel. All staffs are courteous, well trained and really helpful. The manager of Hotel, Mr. Ravi, is the ever smiling hero of the place and will never leave any stone unturned to make your experience memorable. If you need a guide, ask him to arrange it. I visited this place on my birthday and my wife made some secret arrangement over here at the hotel. She was coordinating the plan with Mr. Ravi and he was really excited about it. In the same trip, I stayed at Banasura Hill Resort paying rental 5 times of this place but I find the hospitality here better. Kudos to the team there!

Location/How to reach: The hotel is strategically located, in the middle of Sultan Bathery town. While coming from Bangalore, it’s on the left side, after the traffic signal. But the road beyond traffic signal is one way till 9 in the evening. So you need to take left from the signal and then first right. This road will end in a T-junction, facing assumption hospital . Take a right from here and you will find the hotel on the right. This road comes from Kozhikode. The Malabar gold shop adjacent to it is a prominent landmark.

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All about Valiyaparamba Backwaters, North Kerala

Veliyaparamba backwaters!

Valiyaparamba Backwaters is one of the best-kept secret of Kerala and the must visit attraction if you are holidaying around Bekal. Dedicate an evening to the backwaters to complete your trip!

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Why travel to India!

Why should you travel to India?

If this question comes to your mind, this mobile case/cover answers it!

While shopping for some gear over Amazon – India website, I found it and bought it without giving second thought. And am just loving it. Loving it so much that can’t resist sharing it!

New cover for my Nexus 5

If you  want to buy the same cover, buy it over amazon or over the dailyobjects website.

If the question in your mind is where to travel in India, there is any good mobile cover at following link but somehow I personally prefer the first one.

Chhath Pooja – The festival of devotion, sacrifice, prayer and purity

Chhath Pooja one of the ancient Hindu festival dedicated to Chhathi Maiya (known as Usha in Vedas) and Sun God, to promote happiness, prosperity and progress.

Chhath pooja

This is the most important festival of Bihar/Jharkhand and people are so emotionally connected to the festival that it’s prevalent in places where people from this region has migrated. Nowadays it’s also celebrated at the ghats of Yamuna in Delhi, lakes/creeks in Mumbai and other parts of India indicating its presence across the country.

Chhath pooja on one of the ghats

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Wonderful Wonderla!

Wonderla Amusement Park is one of the top rated attraction for the young and energetic in Bangalore. If you are looking full day activity at an hour’s drive from Bangalore, along with your family or friend, you should not give second thought. Just go for it. You can go there over and again and never be disappointed. And don’t worry, they have something for all, even the weak-hearted.!

Wonderla Amusement Park

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Go Green Go Pottery Town

Someone rightly said, it’s better late than never! I wrote this blog sometime during Ganesh Chaturthi but somehow failed to post it. With diwali round the corner, this blog again becomes relevant, so thought of posting it.

Tomorrow is diwali and there is lot of shopping to do, buy sweets, clothes, home essentials, crackers,  Laxmi-Ganesh statues and most importantly diyas. Diwali is festival of light and diyas make the most essential thing.

But have you wondered where do these diyas come from?

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Bangalore to Goa by bus or by air

With AirAsia flight services to Goa and the increasing competition, the tickets of flights to Goa has become dirt cheap, even less than bus tickets at times.

This at first sounds really lucrative  and a better option than traveling in bus. But the fact is that it isn’t.

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Trails and travel

ant trail

Trail is a mark or a series of signs or objects left behind by the passage of someone or something

We all travel! Animals, human all. And we all have our purposes. Some travel for food, some to hunt, some to explore and some for fun :)

Ants are one of the best traveller example. They travel in search of food. What makes them best example is that they travel by forming trails.  They segregate pheromone from there body, which impacts the behaviour of other ants, who follow the same trail to reach for their food.

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Happy to announce!

Hi Guys,

Am back! Sorry we went down and down miserably, losing all our blogs :(

Thanks to Platform as a Service which doesn’t persists the data and I was fool to not back it up. No worries, every experience is learning experience.

Let me start afresh and with something fresh.

In India, we believe that whenever we start something new, we start with the name of God Shri Ganesh. To keep to the custom, let me also start with an image of Bhagwan Shri Ganesh.

Jai Shri Ganesh!

I took the above image at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi when the idols were being just painted and were getting final touch by the artists.

Keep Exploring!