Someone rightly said, it’s better late than never! I wrote this blog sometime during Ganesh Chaturthi but somehow failed to post it. With diwali round the corner, this blog again becomes relevant, so thought of posting it.

Tomorrow is diwali and there is lot of shopping to do, buy sweets, clothes, home essentials, crackers,  Laxmi-Ganesh statues and most importantly diyas. Diwali is festival of light and diyas make the most essential thing.

But have you wondered where do these diyas come from?

I also never contemplated where do these diyas and statues come from. Until I got an invite from WalknClick to join their photowalk sometime around Ganesh Chaturthi. Not only the diyas and statues but also your clay pots, cuppas, tandoors and almost everything made of clay. The answer is the self-introductory name – Pottery town.


If you have never heard of Pottery town before then it’s a place located quite in mid of the city, just 2 kms from Shivaji Nagar.

We met at the entrance of Pottery road at 8 AM and started traversing through the streets, admiring the art, loving the contended life and clicking shots.

utensils & pots of clay
Utensils and pots made of clay showcased by road side.

At this time the day had just started for the potters. Some were toothbrushing, some were sipping the first tea of the day and some lazying around. I rare few had already started their day work. Also, some rickshaws and lorries had started coming in to transport the statues and pots.

Clays and pots
Clays and pots

As we passed though the lanes, the life in the town had become active and all got to work. We can see wheels running, clay taking shapes, stacks being built up and even more shutterbugs poaring in. Street photography am loving it!


This place is a definite paradise for photographers who want to shoot the art. Even if you are not a photographer but you love stuffs made of clay or want to see the life of potters or go on a cultural walk, this is a must visit place for you. If you want to learn the art of pottery, you can talk to some of the potters. Definitely any will spare some time to teach you the art.

wheel at work
Wheel at work

We are definitely quite lucky come at the best time of the year when you see lots of Ganesha’s statues in all color, shapes and sizes. Some statues were up for sale, some were being painted, some were getting the shape and so on.

lord ganesha idol
Lord Ganesha idol getting ready for the upcoming pooja
Shri Ganesha
Shri Ganesha

We had time to have candid discussion with one of the potter in the below photo.

Potter at work
Potter at work. Making cuppas out of clay

Since, it’s diwali now. If you are looking to take great shots or want to buy idols or go on a cultural walk. Now is the time!

banks & bullocks
Banks and bullocks

Remember best time to visit is morning around 8 am. Avoid going there when it’s raining, as it’s a day off for them during rain. Though you can go there round the year but prefer going around the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali or alike.

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