2 years without facebook

It was 2 years back when I said “iQuit” to Facebook and as I am writing this post you can trust me that I survived it. I am seen with surprise that how can I quit Facebook. But it’s true, I did.

At times people ask me for my Facebook profile and when I say I don’t have it (or I don’t use it), they just don’t  believe me.

And why should they believe me? The social network, primarily Facebook, has become like our life support. A recent research by NYTimes revealed that we spend an average of 50 minutes on it and it will grow further.

Trust me again, I am loving it! And it is not that am loving it just because of the time I save every day. There is more to it. The below are the primary reasons.

I have more time for myself

This is the most obvious benefit of quitting Facebook and we all are aware of it. Hence, I will not talk much about it.

I compete with myself

A major reason of frustration in our lives is that we compete with others and not ourselves. We try to match the cars, paychecks and the holiday destinations of our family and friends. We hardly think who we want to be and what we want to do. In case, we get the time to think, we think of becoming a social network star.

Since the time I have quit Facebook, I don’t know what cars my successful friends drive and where they are holidaying. I have no one to compete with. All have to compare with is to myself and who I was yesterday.

I don’t flaunt anymore

I don’t mind if you rename Facebook to Flauntbook. This is what most of us do there. When we post a photograph, we are more concerned about the number of likes, I guess it’s called reactions now, and comments we get. The idea is to more likable and in an attempt to be that, we start doing what others like and not what we want to do.

Without Facebook, I am what I am. I shop less and travel more! That’s all!!

I have a fewer distraction

Yesterday, I was watching the Bollywood movie “Dangal” which is supposedly based on true incidence. Babita, the athlete and the lead actress in the movie, starts failing as soon as she gets distracted toward looking beautiful, putting nail-enamel and going movies.

I don’t say that social media is bad but the hard part is maintaining a discipline. I was unable to maintain it and I had to take the hard step. Now, I get few updates of the world around me and fewer distractions.

I have a healthier lifestyle

Facebook is addictive! When we go to bed, we tend to spend almost 10 – 20 minutes on it. I don’t have that choice and that’s a good choice. I get more sleep. Period.

I have a very few but real friends

The hard part about quitting facebook is that you are less aware of the developments around you and you lose touch with friends and also end up losing friendship with some of them. Yes, I am left with very few friends but they are the real one.

The good part is when you meet them you have a lot to talk!

I have a better career

I am on the social network since the Orkut era. That was the time when I was a fresher at my job and even then I cared about my productivity and time utilization. Hence, while deploying my code to the tomcat server, I used to utilize that minute by checking Orkut. That was also productivity for me. LOL 😀 I used to think that at least I am utilizing the time in something I like. The sad part was that I used to get back to the server console a minimum of 5 minutes after it had started.

Now, I am more focused and productive at work. In this two years of separation with Facebook, I have professionally grown more than ever, shipped better products and solutions, published a book and delivered more talks.

I enjoy the moments more

I was actually born to travel and I never lose any opportunity to see a new place. In the recent years, everyone has started traveling. But the irony is, they travel far to actually take photographs and not see it. The golden hour of sunrise and sunset goes into capturing the image.

Yes, I do also take photographs. I love doing it but what I love more is being in the moment.

To sum it all up, I personally believe I am a better version of myself!

P.S. I love building chatbots and you find me online sometime.

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