Wonderla Amusement Park is one of the top rated attraction for the young and energetic in Bangalore. If you are looking full day activity at an hour’s drive from Bangalore, along with your family or friend, you should not give second thought. Just go for it. You can go there over and again and never be disappointed. And don’t worry, they have something for all, even the weak-hearted.!

Wonderla Amusement Park

They have number of rides totalling more than 50 both dry and wet and almost all will get your adrenaline rush high. And definitely one day is not enough.

Arial view of wonderla
Arial view of wonderla

You can visit wonderla round the year. But avoid visiting it over the weekend as it gets really crowded and you will spend most of time waiting in queue, looking at others spellbound and with mouth open as below.

riders ki to lag gayi

I know, as Bangalore is a city of service class and it difficult to go over the weekend. Try going on friday atleast. During the weekend, dry rides generally takes 2 minutes and has a wait time of around 10-15 minutes. Wet rides take around less than a minute and has a wait time of up-to half an hour.

We were lucky to visit on Friday and entered the park around 2 PM but still managed to get almost all the rides.

When you go to Wonderla, ensure that you take the full day off and don’t plan to return earlier than 7 PM. The rides close at 6:30 PM and then they start the firework from tower at 6:45 PM. Also, they start the rain dance at around 6 PM.

Sky wheel at dusk before the sunset
Sky wheel at dusk before the sunset

I would recommend you to plan your fun as below:
If it’s a weekday, go for the dry rides first and then wet rides so that you will not need to change clothes. It’s quite common to get cold after the day out because people mix both and forget to take care of their health.

If it’s a weekend, take wet rides first as the park will be overcrowded during second half of the day. It’s the wet ride which takes most of the time, as they allow only one person to slide at once, because of safety measures. When one person reaches the other end, they get confirmation from guy at the other end, then only they will allow you to slide off. That’s not the case with dry ride, you can go in group of some 10-20, based on the ride.

Don’t worry, if you are wondering where to keep the clothes. They do have lockers, changing rooms and bathing section there. They do have small and big lockers. The small locker is good if you have a bag. We hired big locker, which was big enough to pack 4 backpacks/laptop bag, though with some juggad. The big locker comes for Rs 60 and Rs 200 refundable deposit, if I remember it right. For the small locker, the price was obviously less.

If you are planning to keep your accessories or clothes in your car, to save some bucks, then drop the idea. Wonderla tickets are single entry and you are supposed to pay for subsequent entry.

wonderla rides
Arial view of Wonderla rides

Among the wet ride don’t miss the wave pool. Also, they have dashing car in one of the corners, which you might miss. The ride below in photo is my favourite of all.

my favourite of all rides
My favourite of all rides
falsh tower
Flash tower kissing the sky

Take a careful look at the flash tower above. It will take you to the sky, kiss it and pull you back so quick that you are sure to miss your heart out there.

The Sky Wheel Tower of Wonderla is one of the most prominent landmark  but has a hidden treasure for nature lover and photographer. To unleash it take the lift which takes you till floor 13. Go there minutes before sunset.

Wonderla tower and sky wheel
Wonderla tower and sky wheel
bird's eye view of the surrounding
bird’s eye view of the surrounding

Once you reach the tower, you will not regret the ride of sky wheel and is also a good place to get some selfie. They truly mention, “You will get a bird’s eye view of Wonderla and it’s surrounding. Since the sky wheel is slow moving, people of all ages and enjoy the ride.”

sky wheel
Sky wheel

The food price inside are quite fine and affordable.

The resort is located off Bangalore – Mysore highway, almost 28 kms from Bangalore. You can travel in your own vehicle from Bangalore or take BMTC Volvo bus from majestic in morning.

wonderla amusement park
Wonderla amusement part

Wonderla Tips:

  • Go during the weekday
  • If going on weekend, take the wet ride first
  • Don’t wear loose clothes. Carry towel and extra cloth
  • Don’t carry anything previous
  • Jewellery is a total no-no
  • Don’t miss the crackers and lighting which they do during 6:45 PM
  • Taking volvo bus from Majestic saves you some bucks as they offer 15% discount for bus passengers
  • If you are a student, carry your id card. You are sure to rejoice with 20% discount
  • Try alternating between touch and easy/lazy rides. This will give you more fun. The tough rides rotate you 360 degree and you might not feel good, if multiple tough rides are taken one after another.

Before you go, remember 360 degree is the new normal at Wonderla!

360 degree is the new normal

You can find more information on their website!

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